Tablets Can Help with Telehealth

A tablet is a mobile device with a touchscreen. It’s bigger than a smartphone but smaller than a laptop. Tablets can do many of the same things as a smartphone. This includes using the internet, taking pictures, downloading and using apps, and more. 

Tablets can also be very useful for your telehealth appointments (link to what is telehealth). Read on to learn more about why using a tablet might be a good option for your next appointment. 

The Tablet Itself 

The physical features of a tablet may prove to be very useful for some people.  

A tablet: 

  • Has a much bigger screen than a smartphone. This is useful for those with vision impairment. Even if you don’t have an impairment, a larger screen allows for information to be seen more clearly.  
  • Can connect to a keyboard and a mouse. These two features can make it easier to navigate and can almost feel like using a desktop computer. If you are using a chat function in your appointment, using a keyboard will help you type quicker.


Telehealth appointments need a good internet connection. With a tablet, you often have two options for internet connection: a data plan and/or wi-fi.  

    1. Many data plans now offer 5G service. The speeds of 5G were measured to be 10–100 times faster than the previous 4G speeds. A quick connection like 5G allows for good picture and audio quality. Having a good connection makes it easier to talk with your healthcare provider without interruption or lag time. This means a smoother appointment for everyone.  
    2. If a tablet does not have a 5G plan or if the connection is spotty, tablets can also connect to wi-fi if it is available. Similarly, if your wi-fi connection is bad, you can switch to using your data plan if you have one.  

Tablets with internet connection can use all apps that a smartphone can. This includes apps for telehealth, patient portals, and health-focused apps. Tablets also can browse the internet and access email. Both are useful tools for preparing for your telehealth appointments. 

As you can see, a tablet is often a very good option for a telehealth appointment. You can learn more about tablets and how they are different from smartphones here.