Is My Phone Smart?

Learn what makes a smartphone “smart” and if you have one.

You may have heard the term “smartphone” before. But what is a smartphone, really, and what makes it “smart’? How do they compare to other types of phones, like a non-smart cell phone or a landline? Use the guide below to determine what type of phone you have. 

Features of a smartphone: 
A smartphone is a mobile phone that has similar functions to a computer. The features that make them “smart” include: 

  • A large screen that reacts to touch.
  • Few (or no) buttons.
  • Ability to be used for both voice and video calls and text messages.
  • Can scroll the internet and run programs (apps) like a computer can.

Features of basic cell phone: 
You may have a more basic cell phone (versus a smartphone) if it has the following: 

  • Physical buttons.
  • Only makes voice calls and text messages.
  • Programs (apps) that do not use the internet, like games and a contact list.

Features of a landline phone: 
A landline phone was the original type of phone before cell phones. These are typically found indoors and need to be connected to a physical phone line. They can only make voice calls and are not portable like a cell phone. 

What next? 
After reading about these 3 kinds of phones, you should have a pretty good understanding of what type of phone you have.